Christopher Menendez, MD

Dr. Chris Menendez is a board-certified surgeon specializing in breast surgical oncology.  He graduated from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences medical school and completed a fellowship in breast surgical oncology at the University of Texas – Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, Texas.  He has been practicing exclusively breast surgery for the past nine years and utilizes the latest advancements and technologies for the treatment of breast cancer.   He is certified in breast ultrasound and stereotactic breast biopsy by the ASBS.  Dr. Menendez is a strong advocate for early detection and routinely gives talks and lectures on the subject of breast cancer.    

Dr. Menendez has recently been certified as a “Wire-Free” provider for breast cancer surgery.  He has been using the SAVI Scout device for his patients for several months, which has dramatically improved the surgical experience for his patients with breast cancer.  He is the first surgeon in the state of Arkansas to use this new technology!  Prior to lumpectomy, a small “clip” is placed at the site of the cancer that will reflect a signal during surgery, allowing the lumpectomy to be performed without a wire ever being placed into the breast.  This “clip” can even be placed days or weeks before the surgery date, eliminating an extra procedure on the day of a patient’s surgery.